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Army summoned to control Islamabad tensions.

ISLAMABAD – District administration has formally penned letter to summon Pakistan Army as situation keeps on worsening in twin cities amid crackdown against sit-in’s protestors.

The decision was taken to fortify security arrangements of sensitive buildings. The letter states that enraged protestors can inflict loss on sensitive public and private buildings situated in twin cities.

Meanwhile, over 30 officials of law enforcement agencies have been injured in clashes with protestors thus far.

Earlier, police, Frontier Corpse (FC) and Rangers personnel launched crackdown against Faizabad sit-in protesters on early Saturday morning after the deadline given by the local administration to clear the main road expired at midnight.

The operation was carried out after police personnel repeatedly directed the protesters to call-off their sit-in. The officers resorted to teargas and rubber bullets firing over which the workers of religious parties hurled stones at them.