A woman murdered her three children in cold blood near Hafizabad.

HAFIZABAD: A woman murdered her three children in cold blood near Hafizabad’s Sakhekhi vicinity on Saturday.

Zareena and her husband Abid Hussain, a kiln-worker, frequently argued over domestic issues, the police said.

According to reports, a domestic dispute led Zareena to suffocate five-year-old Zehra Fatima, four-year-old Muhammad Faizan, and two-year-old Ahmed Raza and dispose of the bodies in the Jhang Branch canal.

The woman’s mother-in-law, however, showed oblivion to an argument between her son and Zareena.

“There was no argument between Zareena and Abid [on the day of the incident],” she said. “Zareena left home to drop the children at school and never came back. We were informed of the incident later on.”

The police promptly arrested the woman, found in an injured state, and shifted her to the hospital.

According to police sources, Zareena was frustrated by unemployment and poverty and had tried to slit her throat after disposing of the bodies of her children.

Abid had never fought with his wife, residents of the area said as they expressed regret at the incident.

A rescue 1122 operation to recover bodies is underway.